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David: Pursuing a career in animation through a Master of Design Technology.

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Growing up in Tekapo, David was naturally motivated by the great outdoors. But it was a love of video games that really piqued his interest in animation, sending him on a path to studying a Master of Design Technology at the Wellington ICT Graduate School.

Enjoying the great outdoors at Kootenai Falls, Montana USA, filming location of The Revenant.

Q. Hey David, tell us about yourself?

“I’m from Tekapo where I grew up skiing and snowboarding, playing ice-hockey, basketball, mountain biking, hunting, camping and doing photography; I got bored easily as a kid! Though I get motivated most when I’m enjoying the outdoors, I also loved drawing, making videos and playing video games. That’s what got me interested in tech.”

Q. So you pursued Design at Victoria University?

“While at Mackenzie College I actually set myself up for studying Architecture. Wellington is my favourite city in New Zealand and so I knew I wanted to study at Victoria however, after attending both Architecture and Design introduction lectures at the open day, I decided Design looked more like my cup of tea. I ended up enrolling in a Bachelor of Design Innovation.”

Q. What was it about (digital) Design that interested you?

“You can do what you want in a 3D space, you don’t have to abide by the laws of the universe when creating something for the digital medium. Whereas architects have to make sure your roof doesn’t collapse!

Q. And now here you are studying a Master of Design Technology (MDT)!

“Once I completed my undergrad I felt like I still needed more knowledge for the field I wanted to get into. So I took the MDT with the hope of becoming more specialised in animation.”

David works on a tiger’s movement during the Animation course as part of the Master of Design Technology.

Q. So highlights of the MDT programme for you?

“I enjoy the small class sizes. It allows you to build strong relationships with your peers and tutors. Because of this your tutors want to see you do well and invest extra time to help with something you might be stuck on or answer questions you might have about the industry, etc.”

“And it’s really cool working at the Miramar Creative Centre because we’re in the heart of the visual effects industry here. We have multiple studios around us and that directly exposes us to the work that’s going on.”

Q. Do you feel you’re reaching your goal of becoming more specialised in animation?

“The programme so far has certainly strengthened my passion for animation. It’s shaped and reformed what I thought, refined my skills and opened my mind to other things I hadn’t considered beforehand. This year I’ve had more things click for me compared to my whole undergrad.”

Q. What opportunities has the MDT offered you?

“This programme has definitely opened opportunities for gaining employment. Just being under mentorship from people currently working in industry makes us more desirable to other studios and knowing we have been tutored by industry professionals. I want to get an entry level job in animation here in Wellington, that would be my dream right now. It would be nice to go abroad to gain more experience too before coming back to my roots again.”

To see more of David’s work, visit his website:

About the Master of Design Technology (MDT)

The Master of Design Technology is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree who already has some basic understanding in digital design technologies, and who wishes to build further relevant skills appropriate for the Visual Effects related ICT industry.

The Miramar Creative Centre, home to our Master of Design Technology (MDT) programme.

The MDT is a one-year, full-time, 180 point professional Master’s degree that will provide students with the skills needed to work effectively in highly technical design professions such as game design, Visual Effects (VFX), exhibition design and multimedia design.
Next intake for MDT is March 2018 — February 2019.

Applications are now open. Book an advice session with our Academic Advisor today!

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