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“Hearing I could learn from Weta artists and be based right in the heart of the film making scene in Miramar, I knew this was an opportunity I could not miss”

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Working on an F-16 Scale model with his Dad, led to Camden Wright’s passion today in 3D modelling and creature design. After graduating from the Victoria University Bachelor of Design Innovation programme, Camden enrolled in the Master of Design Technology at the Wellington ICT Graduate School.  But he doesn’t spend all his life behind a computer screen, Camden is also a lover of nature.  Throughout the programme, Camden has found unique ways to bring the outdoors in, creating dramatic digital landscapes as well as a variety of other works honing his skills in motion capture, animation, rendering and more.

Camden Wright, Master of Design Technology student

Q. What are you enjoying most about the programme so far?

“The excitement of knowing that every day can bring a new surprise and opportunity for us students. From working in a team of Weta Digital creature artists, joining a class for feedback, to coffee and scones at Park Road Post, we are so fortunate to be where we are surrounded by great mentors. Seriously, what other masters programme goes on a field trip to see the latest Fantastic Beasts film just because their supervisor worked on it?!”

Camden involved in the live action shooting of MDT Capstone Project “Hidden”

Q. Is the programme living up to your expectations?

“Far exceeding them. If I was asked at the beginning of the year what I expected to have done by the end of this course, I might have said, make some great portfolio pieces. I would not have thought that in this time I would have achieved so much – learnt new software, discovered more about myself, enhanced my design manifesto and found new passions in VFX.

The lecturers and mentors we have at the MDT have been incredible. The decades of experience and knowledge shared between them have not only helped us develop our skills but given us insight into the life in this industry. It’s so inspiring to know that every person we are being taught by has worked on the movie magic that many of us dream to be a part of one day. I also got to learn from Weta Digital and Workshop artists and meet inspirations like Sir Richard Taylor and Gino Acevedo. These opportunities were available because of living in Wellington and Victoria University’s ties to the industry. So hearing I could continue learning from Weta artists and be based right in the heart of the film making scene in Miramar, I knew this was an opportunity I could not miss.”

Q. What are some opportunities Wellington ICT Graduate School has offered you?

“Wellington ICT Graduate School has provided great opportunities for us to network with like-minded people. The school hosted pizza nights for us to meet other students in different programmes and invited guest speakers like Chad Moffatt to share his experiences in the film industry. These opportunities are so crucial for us in finding those connections that can lead to future success.”

Q. Tell us a more about yourself?

“Born and raised in Hamilton I mainly focused on sports and did not spend much time in the fields of art and design.  But my Media Studies class and a keen group of friends encouraged me to start making short films. I grew to love the collaboration and creativity of film making so decided to pursue my newly discovered passion. Some research into 3D modelling and creature design lead me to the Victoria University Bachelor of Design Innovation programme.

I’ve also always been an explorer of the outdoors, having been involved in  scouting for 10 plus years and receiving my Queen Scout. Tramping and camping resulted in a joy for landscape photography, which in turn has sparked a passion for creating digital worlds. Painting and model making have also been a hobby of mine since I was 7 years old when I made an F-16 Falcon scale model with my father. Since then I have become more involved in painting miniature armies and building large dioramas of fantasy worlds.”

Q. What are your plans for the future?

“To keep creating fantastical worlds and telling important stories. I hope to make a career of it at a studio like Weta Digital but regardless of where I end up, I will always keep developing my craft.”

An environment Camden created using Houdini, Nuke & Redshift

Please check out Camden Wright’s website here

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