Entrepreneurship is an Art, Science and Practice.

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Natalie Robinson, Founder and CEO of Mum’s Garage Startup School.

In March 2017, Wellington ICT Graduate School launched its Entrepreneurial Program with the help of Natalie Robinson of Mum’s Garage, and with support from specialist guest speakers. The 12-week program was part of our Master of Software Development and Master of Professional Business Analysis programmes providing students with the opportunity to learn practical skills when it comes to starting and building a startup.

This week we caught up with Natalie to hear her thoughts on entrepreneurship and the process of building a startup.

“Entrepreneurship, in my view, is the process of understanding about yourself and the value you want to deliver to the world, then learning how to do this on a large scale — the vehicle being a business.”

The Wellington ICT Graduate School Entrepreneurial Program was developed to teach students the art, science and practice behind entrepreneurship.

“There are two things that are important for helping people to start and grow businesses: (1) the drive and passion to do it; (2) the skills and knowledge necessary to start and grow a company. Often people focus on the latter.
The earlier is arguably more important. We focus on helping people to figure out the first part, then take them through a process of how you turn this into a viable product and model that makes a business sustainable”.

The program is designed to teach students the fundamental skills behind coming up with an idea, developing it through to launch and creating a value-driven business model.

The framework students worked through during the program.

Eight Software Development and two Professional Business Analysis Masters students took part in the 12 week program, as their final Masters project. The students developed and validated ideas, built a minimal viable product and worked through the process of developing their idea into a viable business.

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About Mum’s Garage

Mum’s Garage is an Auckland based company that runs programs and workshops to teach the mindset and skill set behind starting a business. For more details please visit their website or email

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