Commonly Asked Questions and Answers 

Important changes have been made to the upcoming MBusAn July 2020 intake due to the COVID-19 pandemic [updated: June 25th 2020] 

What is the mode of delivery?

The courses will contain both synchronous and asynchronous elements. The synchronous sessions will be recorded for those unable to attend during the course time.  There will be teaching assistants to support students as well.

What is the schedule?

How the content delivery will be structured depends on the course and the lecturers’ approach. The courses are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with industry talks on Fridays. There will be lots of flexibility, including recorded lectures daily with live drop-in (Q & A) sessions hosted in the morning and evenings.

Are the programme costs impacted in any way?

No. The costs will stay the same. The same number of courses will be stretched over 4 trimesters to give students more time for learning, but also to have more time with all students in person.

How will exams work?

Most of the assessment does not include exams. In case a course has an exam, this would be online.

How does the online nature of the programme affect my post study work visa options?

At this point of time we do not know what the Covid-19 or international visa situation will be later this year. Having still 2.5 trimesters to study in person should, according to the current rules, allow you to apply for the same student visa offered pre-Covid-19. This is an evolving situation and we hope to have all international students here in January, but we have to ask you to stay up-to-date with the most current visa regulations from the NZ Government. 

I am an international student, do I need a visa to study online from overseas?

No, you can apply through Wellington University International (WUI) and be accepted without a student visa in order to begin the programme. International students currently residing in New Zealand will have to obtain or maintain a student visa. Please follow up with WUI for further clarification.

Will online study impact my job prospects after graduation?

Many programmes worldwide are having to move temporarily online. We don’t expect there to be a big difference between students who begin in July and those who wait to start the programme in-person in March. However, we are all unsure of the impact Covid-19 will have on global economies and job opportunities in the BA space. 

What’s the new schedule for these classes look like?