How can NZ make for a better future? UX Design Master students take on Festival for the Future 2018

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For one weekend in July, over 1,200 Kiwis from a diverse range of backgrounds and industries came together on the Wellington waterfront to explore and discuss the issues facing New Zealand.

This is the Festival for the Future 2018 (FFTF18). An action-packed weekend of inspiring speakers, future-focused panels and workshops; where millennials come together to explore the issues and share ideas.

This year, Wellington ICT Graduate School put two Master of User Experience Design students, George Walters and Felix Shin, on the ground at FFTF18. We asked them to share their highlights and thoughts on how we can make a better future.

Master of User Experience Design students, George Walters (left) and Felix Shin, attend Festival for the Future 2018.

For George the experience was an opportunity for personal development and so attending the talks and workshops around this theme was a main focus.

“The biggest take-home message for me was leveraging the workplace to achieve my own personal goals, alongside company goals.”

“It also made me think about the impact young people have as individuals. The quote “Vote with your wallet” by Louise Aitken made me reflect on the changes I want to see and questioned my commitment, as an individual, to enabling these changes”, said George.

‘Against the odds – adversity, courage & resilience’ Speaker Session at FFTF18.

For Felix Chin, he felt FFTF18 was really to get people talking and for building awareness.

“Some of the talks were quite inspirational. What was most intriguing to me was the housing crisis panel and another panel that addressed the importance of mental health.”

Felix believes these are were subjects New Zealander’s often do not have clarity on, even though he feels the livelihood of kiwis is one of most important issues of our country.

“When a market is influenced by the purpose of capital gains, often the middle to lower class are the ones who suffer the most. Therefore, it’s worth considering these factors when we design system and or policies”, said Felix.

“It’s quite difficult to measure mental health as often it is difficult to define. Perhaps higher level design would create the most impact so that we can focus on collectively preventing a lot of the individual preventative health issues that arise in our current lives.”



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