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Help support and grow the future generation of tech professionals

How the industry engages with us

We partner with local tech businesses to provide guest lectures, mentorships, projects, and more for our students so they can gain exposure to current practices for a smoother launch into the industry.


Guest lectures and speaking

We want your innovators and leaders to share their knowledge and experience with our students. It could also be an opportunity to talk about your company and the kind of things that make you a good employer.

Between August and February we’re seeking people from industry to come in on one Friday morning for 45 minutes talking about who they are and the kind of work they do.

Some topics that would be useful for our students to hear about are your personal journey to where you are, day-in-the-life, case-studies of projects how they run start-to-finish, collaboration across different roles etc.

Projects and Internships

We partner with businesses to provide our students with real-world experiences through projects and internships. There are two project windows between November-February and March-June, the specifics vary depending on the programme.

Master of Software Development students are available as full-time paid interns between March-June to work with a business unit as a resource. There is no pre-requisite on the type of technical work (i.e. x% of front-end, y% customer facing). Basically if it touches on the day to day work that the development or design team do then it fulfills the requirements of the internship.

Master of User Experience Design student teams (can be comprised of students from other programmes) are available to work on-site for 20 hours a week as a resource to work on a particular problem that your organisation may have. It can cover anything from the IT strategy, security audits, wire frames and user stories. If it’s a business problem, our students will have a go at solving it.

 If you have projects on your “nice to do, if we had the time” list, we can take them on at no risk to you. Projects can cover a range of topics. Examples are:

  • An application you would like developed to solve a business problem where a team of 4-6 software developers and a UX ​designer complete​ 1-2 sprints over 3 weeks to​ build the application.
  • Any technical problem you might not have a budget or time for, these students will have a go at solving it. Examples have included data mining (analysis and visualisations), web-based applications, and mobile phone apps.

After June, they have finished their internship or project and have effectively graduated so are available to hire. If you are recruiting please contact us. ​


Our Mentorship Programme seeks to build industry contacts and professional coaching opportunities for current students. Participating in a mentorship will help provide valuable exposure and advice to students from our programmes in Software Development and User Experience (UX) Design.

Mentors will likely meet with 1 to 2 mentees (in a group), 6 times throughout the year for an hour (preferably on Friday mornings). This is also an opportunity for you to get some exposure some fresh talent that will be entering the field.

If you want more information you can download our Mentorship Programme Outline and register your interest here Mentor Application.  If you (or someone you know) is interested in participating as a mentor or you want further information you can contact our Industry Relationship Manager, David Radich, at or +64 27 700 1333

“We like that the students have previous experience, other degrees, and backgrounds.”

Avenir Technology has provided internships for, and went on to hire, many of our software development students. We talked to two of Avenir’s three founders, Martyn Bain and Dr Ferry Hendrikx, about their organisation and experiences with our school.

Avenir’s software manages the infrastructure behind financial markets and, as their client base grew, they realised they needed to expand their team. Ferry had heard about our Master of Software Development (MSwDev) programme, which had just launched, through contacts at Victoria University of Wellington.

The MSwDev students have a three-month internship at the end of their programme where they’re typically placed in a local ICT business for a research and development project. Avenir thought this was a great opportunity and have taken interns from every cohort (2017 through to 2019) since, all of which they went on hire in permanent roles. Read more?

Our Partners

Thank you to the following organisations that have provided support to our students through guest lectures, mentoring, projects, and more.

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Do you want to get involved and help our students? It is a unique opportunity to engage with the next generation of tech professionals and we welcome all organisations to take us up on it.

Please contact us with your questions and we look forward to working with you!


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