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Master of Software Development students collaborate with MiniDevs on Theta’s new Mixiply release

By June 2, 2021 No Comments

Photo left: Ryan – Theta developer, Maddie, Jim – Theta architect. Photo right: Maddie and MonicaOur Master Of Software Development students Maddie and Monica have been working with our Industry Partner Theta on Mixiply’s latest transformative program release. Mixiply is a fresh digital portfolio platform for students and teachers to support modern learning. Student content ranges from 3D models, video, images, code, web pages and more. The creation and improvement of Mixiply has been driven by Theta’s collaboration with students aged 11-13 (MiniDevs) and teachers from Newlands Intermediate.

With a focus on user-centred design and the unique MiniDev input, Maddie and Monica were led by Jim Taylor (Emerging Technologies Architect) to develop some exciting new user-centred features with the aim of attracting a larger audience. Some of these new capabilities include:

  • Creating ‘Group’ sharing and safe collaboration services for students to directly engage with each other in relation to their work.
  • ‘Online portfolio’ feature for both sharing and storing work – showcasing the diverse digital content students are creating.
  • ‘Journal’ entries, allowing teachers insight into each students learning journey and project timeline through shared documentation entries.

Working with MiniDevs directly creates an informed and exciting user-centred design process for our students. In turn the MiniDevs had the chance to work with tech developers with a range of different backgrounds, helping them to see how diverse the world of tech is. We’d like to say a huge thank you to Theta for this enriching opportunity!

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