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Mevo Fleet Diversification UX project


Our Master of UX Design students Lucy England, Tyler Ngaia, Yisha Liu and Wenjing Xie are lucky enough to be working with the project team at Mevo on their exciting expansion plans for their Wellington fleet. The project team are creating a design system to improve driver experience/operation, after some first-time and infrequent-use members express concerns about proficient vehicle operation.

The outcome will ensure users feel adequately educated & comfortable when operating the vehicles (ignition start/stop, wipers, indicators, adjusting mirrors and seats, etc). Design strategies encompass user-interface (Mevo iOS and Andriod apps) and internal vehicle layout (stickers, print collateral). 

Through analysis and communication with existing and potential Mevo members, the project team are producing a design document detailing the proposed solution’s implementation steps, to then be mainstreamed into Mevo’s operational processes for onboarding a new vehicle model.

Additionally the team are producing a project report outlining the findings and process for the chosen solution, while briefly detailing any alternate options considered.

Thanks Mevo for a fantastic learning opportunity for our students!

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