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Natasha: Strengthening my skill-set and broadening my employment opportunities at Wellington ICT

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After completing her one-year Master of Professional Business Analysis, Natasha hopes to apply business analysis skills to bridge the gap between IT and business in a health care setting, such as in hospitals, health practices, and nutrition clinics. She would also like to implement the skills from her undergraduate degree such as data investigation, statistical analysis, and research as tools to assist the business analysis process.

The Wellington ICT Graduate School programme allows Natasha to study in a city that supports her love of running, nature trails, and great coffee.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I come from a science background. I have a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Human Nutrition from University of Otago, and I’m interested in population health, data analytics and problem solving. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I was looking for further study in order to strengthen and add to my current skill-set.

Q. What drew you to your programme of study?

I was drawn to the Master of Professional Business Analysis programme, as it didn’t require any previous experience in the subject. I wanted to learn new skills and expertise in order to complement my current background and to ultimately broaden my employment opportunities.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the programme so far?

I’ve enjoyed being introduced to a different way of thinking. The opportunity to participate in workshops and real-life projects has provided me with the ability to analyse problems, and corresponding implications from a practical standpoint.

Q. What are some opportunities WICTGS has offered you?

I’ve learnt many valuable lessons through the experience provided by the programme. The ICT Grad School has offered me some fantastic practical opportunities and exposure to industry partners through hosted networking events. I’ve also enjoyed taking part in the entrepreneurial course — this has provided me with invaluable experience and opportunities, which I hope to utilise outside the programme.

Q. What do you think of Wellington as a place to study and live?

Wellington is a beautiful city and is an ideal location for learning. The city is known for its great coffee, beautiful scenery and its friendly residents. Wouldn’t choose to study anywhere else!

About the Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn)

The Master of Professional Business Analysis covers how to solve complex business problems using technology, processes and data. This qualification is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree and has been designed for people with a non-information technology background.

The MBusAn is a 180-credit Master’s programme, completed in three full-time semesters over 12 months at Victoria University’s School of Information Management.

Next intake: July 2017 — June 2018.

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