Our Programmes

Our one-year (180 point) Master programmes are designed to build on your existing skills, providing hands-on experience and real-world projects to prepare you to take on jobs in the ICT industry.

Learn by Doing

Start in the classroom and finish with real-world projects. A mix of theoretical understanding and practical experience.

Real-World Projects

Work directly with some of Wellington’s most innovative companies. Be exposed to the latest trends and practices while you study.

Get a Job That’s Going Places

Creative, challenging and well paying tech jobs are being created across all industries. There are plenty of different options.

Conversion Programmes

Our conversion Master programmes are designed for people from a non-ICT background and open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree. This allows people to change career directions, upskill or reskill, without having to start from scratch.

Learn how to programme applications with topics about Java, data structures, version control, networking, databases, security, web systems, Agile, and AI taught by Victoria University of Wellington.

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Learn how to improve customer interactions with topics about persona development, case study analysis, user interface design, rapid visualization, and prototyping taught by Victoria University of Wellington.

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Experience Programmes

Our experience programmes are designed for people with a Bachelor’s degree in a field relating to information technology, or equivalent skills and knowledge through appropriate work or professional experience.

Learn how to create time-based media using 3D software to tell interesting stories which could include visual effects (VFX), gaming, animation, and extended reality (XR) taught by Victoria University of Wellington.

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What do our students have to say?

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*Banner image is Peter Hillier’s (a past student of ours) work done during our Master of Design Technology programme.