Master of Design Technology

March 2019 – February 2020

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Build further relevant skills appropriate for the visual effects, gaming, animation and digital design industries.

The Master of Design Technology (MDT) prepares you to launch your career in the visual effects (VFX) industry and digital design field. The MDT is technology-centric and builds upon the skills acquired in an undergraduate degree focused on digital technology.

The 2019 Master of Design Technology Programme has two $5,000 scholarships available for accepted domestic students.

Victoria University Miramar Creative Centre
3 consecutive trimesters across 12 months
Course Outline
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Domestic: $13,016*
International: $51,487*

Victoria University
Miramar Creative Centre

12 Months,
3 Trimesters

Domestic: $13,275*
International: $52,516*

Who Can Apply

The Master of Design Technology is open to those who already have some basic understanding in digital design technologies and who wish to build further relevant skills appropriate for the visual effects or gaming industries.

Applicants must provide a portfolio or showreel with examples that exemplify creativity and proficiency with digital 3D software. Preference will be given to time-based media, though the inclusion of work such as figure drawing, concept art, and computational creativity is highly encouraged.

2019 applicants are asked to submit their application and portfolio for evaluation by January 7th.

Select students will be asked to submit a capstone proposal and prepare for an in person or skype interview.

*2019 Estimate

Programme Outline

This is a full-time, 180-point Master’s programme starting in July. You will complete this qualification in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months, delivered by the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington.

Trimester One includes Creative Coding for Digital Content and the choice of one elective course.

Creative Coding for Digital Content

Covers computer graphics techniques that are used as current practice in the film industry through a range of projects ranging from generating special effects to the algorithmic treatment of media.

Compositing and Motion Graphics
MDDN421    Elective Paper

Learn and practice skills relating to previsualisation, production planning and coordination for creating assets, effects and content for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics.

Character Animation
MDDN432    Elective Paper

Gain relevant skills for creating compelling and emotive animated sequences of digital characters.

Trimester Two includes Mātauranga Design and Design Professional Practice and the choice of one elective course.

Mātauranga Design

Engage with toi (Māori creativity) and mātauranga (Māori understanding) in the production of both visual and material cultural design that honours our place and past in Aotearoa New Zealand. Guided by traditional Māori protocols and knowledge, students will learn how to understand and interact with Māori symbols and visual spatial strategies in ways that are culturally sound and appropriate.

Design Professional Practice 

Covers advanced investigations into topics relevant to professional practice for design today including branding, marketing, networking, presentation and portfolio.

Lighting and Rendering
MDDN431    Elective Paper

Learn about traditional applications of lighting such as portraiture, practical studio lighting, and cinematography and engage with digital tools to apply traditional lighting techniques to digital media.

Creature Rigging and Simulation
MDDN422    Elective Paper

Learn skills and techniques for creating and working with human, creature and mechanical rigs and controls for digital animation.

Capstone Research Practicum

This studio consists of a supervised practicum, working on design studio based research and production. Students will work in teams to produce a complete time-based short narrative work with the guidance of faculty and industry mentors.

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