Master of Software Development

May 2019 – June 2020

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Get the technical skills you need to work as a Software Developer.

The Master of Software Development (MSwDev) is designed to equip people from non-tech backgrounds with a strong, industry-focused qualification. Gain skills in programming and software development which will enable you to develop software based solutions for a range of industries. Get set to launch your career in software development.

Victoria University School of Engineering & Computer Science
3 consecutive trimesters across 12 months
Course Outline
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Domestic: $12,762*
International: $53,767*

NEC House,
40 Taranaki Street

12 Months,
3 Trimesters

Domestic: $13,275*
International: $52,516*

Who Can Apply

This conversion programme has been designed for people with a non-information technology background. If you have a Bachelor’s degree with B+ average and have a desire to be a software developer, this is the path to your new career. Recent graduates as well as experienced candidates who want to broaden their career opportunities are welcome.

*2019 Estimate

Programme Outline

This is a full-time, 180-point Master’s programme starting in July with a Bootcamp in May. You will complete this qualification in three consecutive trimesters over 12 months, delivered by Victoria University’s School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Programming for Software Development (also known as Bootcamp) is the primary entry point for graduate students wishing to enter the Master of Software Development programme within the Wellington ICT Graduate School. Bootcamp starts 20 May.

Programming for Software Development Coding
SWEN131     Coding Bootcamp

Learn to design, read, write and debug small Java programs and work on larger software development methodologies and tools. The course will be taught as an intense full-time, 5-week block and a good performance in this course will meet the MSwDev entry requirement.

Professional Programming Skills 

Complex and core programming concepts and techniques, including collection data structures, inheritance and object orientation, testing, security, networking and databases.

Software Development Studio 1 

Covers a range of software development skills, technical topics, and software engineering concepts and techniques. Topics include: Databases, User Interfaces, Cybersecurity, Networking, Mobile Application Development and Web Applications.

Software Development Studio 2

Learn about advanced technical concepts and techniques for software development, and professional practice skills, including software project planning.

Professional Seminar Series

Professional enterprise and research skills, including understanding legal and IP issues, business contexts, social and environmental issues for software, and research and communication skills. Talks, seminars and hackathons are presented by Wellington’s leading ICT professionals, including speakers from companies like Trade Me, Datacom, Powershop, Xero, Chorus, and Blockchain Labs NZ.

Industry Research and Development Project

A significant project typically undertaken with a local ICT business via an industry placement, or alternative industry focused research project. Entry to Part Two requires a good performance across Part One courses or approval from the Head of School.

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