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Stephen: Everything I do is to prepare for this goal.

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Stephen is studying a Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn) to gain valuable experience in Wellington, in the hope of furthering his chances and aspirations of living and working in the Netherlands in the future.

A Dutch learning session at home; Stephen and his two children use a fun teaching application in preparation for migrating to the Netherlands in the future.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself?

I was raised in a Christian home with Christian values. My mum is Dutch so that has influenced me in the Dutch culture and language. I have a Bachelor of Education and Diploma of Teaching (Primary) from Waikato University, and also Diploma’s in Biblical Studies and Ministry from NZTC in Hamilton.

After studying I taught in various primary schools in London, and on returning to New Zealand I worked for 10 years at various church trust boards, including one church in Fiji. My main responsibilities included: administration work, youth work, managing and church affairs and events. I’m married and have 2 kids (8 and 5), I love sports, travelling, reading, and all things coffee!

Q. What drew you to study a Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn)?

Knowing that the Netherlands is an information economy, I chose this programme to give me the skills I needed to find a job in the Netherlands in the future.

Q. What have you enjoyed most about the MBusAn programme?

I have particularly enjoyed a number of aspects of this course including learning how to analyse a company by looking at their financial statements, understanding a business through analysing an enterprise process model, and learning the basics of SQL to retrieve data for analysis.

Q. Has the programme lived up to your expectations?

I really had no expectations except that it would lead to a job. I’ve just competed an internship at Chorus as part of the programme, which has given me valuable work experience in industry.

Q. What are some opportunities WICTGS has offered you?

The greatest opportunity they have offered has been the networking with potential employers.

Q. What do you think of Wellington as a place to study and live?

Wellington is a great place to live and study. I’ve lived here for over 10 years! It’s got lots of character and it’s so convenient to get from one place to another.

Q. Plans for the future?

My plans are to work in Wellington in the BA space for a while, before applying for jobs in the Netherlands once I have enough experience. At home my family have an environment where it is normal to learn the Dutch language, through speaking, reading books, videos, computer applications, music, audiobooks and other printed materials. This is all in preparation for migrating to the Netherlands. With the skills acquired through the MBusAn, they will no doubt come in handy in finding a job there in the future.

About the Master of Professional Business Analysis (MBusAn)

The Master of Professional Business Analysis covers how to solve complex business problems using technology, processes and data. This qualification is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree and has been designed for people with a non-information technology background.

The MBusAn is a 180-credit Master’s programme, completed in three full-time semesters over 12 months at Victoria University’s School of In- formation Management.

Next intake: July 2017 — June 2018. Applications close Wednesday 21st June. Enrol now or book an advice session to find out more.

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