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The power of confidence and communication

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Apratim Mohan jumped several steps up his career ladder thanks to one of our programmes but, more importantly, he went on a personally revealing journey. We sat down with Apratim to learn about his experience with our Master of Professional Business Analysis and what he’s been up to since.

Apratim had been involved in process improvement initiatives at ANZ for a few years when he realised he wanted to do something he was passionate about. Software development. He didn’t, however, have any prior experience in development and didn’t want to start from scratch. So, whilst we offer a Master of Software Development for people from a non-tech background, Apratim decided he could better utilise his existing experience in our Master of Professional Business Analysis. This way he could upskill, instead of reskill, as well as fuse technology and business.

Business analysts gather, organise, and assess information. They use this information to improve processes, identify problems, and provide solutions for businesses. It’s not, however, the data that makes a good analyst but how to communicate it that matters. Apratim explained that it’s about listening to people, figuring out what the heart of the problem is, and then being able to convince the key stakeholders of your solution.

It, also, involves processing a lot of information in a short amount of time and then identifying priorities. Adopting an open mindset and being comfortable with ambiguity to efficiently and effectively utilise this information is, according to Apratim, essential. Our Master of Professional Business Analysis helped him hone these skills, as well as learning to develop logical arguments and creating convincing data visualisations to back-up his conclusions.

“It [the programme] grows you as a person, significantly developing your thinking style.”

Many people can figure out what to do but not, necessarily, how to successfully communicate it. Apratim admitted that he used to be one of those people, he assumed that his “thought processes were sufficient but, when I went through the programme, I realised what was missing. I thought that I was probably the best at what I did, but [the programme] helped me think at a higher level with a wider perspective. I could feel the difference when I went back to my job.”

Studying full time and trying to support oneself can be difficult, but Apratim was thankful to ANZ for giving him the flexibility to work part-time hours. Apratim’s glad to have studied with us and, after looking for better opportunities and consistently applying analysis principles, he ended up successfully securing a Senior Risk Analyst role at ANZ.

The confidence Apratim gained in his “ability to put strong logic behind arguments and provide solid examples…not just saying [I] think something’s right but know it is because x” was game-changing. People often feel like they’re making things up as they go, in fact 70% of people will experience imposter-syndrome at some point in their life, but studying with us assured Apratim of his abilities. He now uses the skills he’s learned from our programme in many aspects of his life.

Looking back, Apratim reflected, he’d spend less time trying to deliver perfect assignments and more time absorbing, practicing and living the lessons. His advice for future students would be to treat it like your profession from day one, taking it as an experience and not just another university programme. Apratim’s currently working on a project, using the skills he’s learned to help others and give back. He realised if he’d known the things he knows now back then, then he would be further along and wants to help others bridge that gap. You can learn more about this guiding platform, aimed at international students, at iinnova or follow his journey on his LinkedIn page.

If you want to study Business Analysis, building your confidence and communication skills like Apratim, you can apply for our July intake now.

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